Steam Deck: Valve answers numerous questions about the handheld

Steam Deck: Valve answers numerous questions about the handheld

Steam Deck

In December of this year, Valve will deliver the first copies of the new Steam Deck handheld to those pre-orderers who have secured their copy in the store early on. Everyone else will probably only have their turn after the second quarter of 2022. Although the manufacturer has already published a lot of information, many interested parties still have some questions unanswered. In order to clarify this as satisfactorily as possible, there is an interesting FAQ section on the official website.

Among other things, Valve makes it clear there that it will be possible to use multiple accounts on the same Steam Deck and to use to have local settings and saved data. There is also an option to use Proton to use games on the Steam Deck that are not offered and sold on Steam. The statements about the screen of the various models of the handheld are also interesting. Accordingly, all versions are equipped with a glass display (IPS-LCD with optical bonding), but only the screen on the 512 GB model is also anti-reflective.

Steam deck soon available in stores?

Furthermore, the FAQ section also addresses the question of whether Steam Deck will also be available in retail outlets in the future. According to Valve, this is not planned for the time being, as the focus is solely on the exclusive distribution via Steam. However, the manufacturer does not categorically rule out such a step for the future if Steam Deck goes on sale in other regions.

Valve also makes it clear once again that an internet connection is not necessarily required to play with the Steam Deck - unless the game itself requires it. You only have to be online for the download.

Source: official website

The Steam Deck is now in the hands of developers and things are looking good

Last week, Valve finally announced that it would start sending developer kits of the Steam Deck to game devs so that they can test out their games on the new device. Overall, developer feedback has been pretty positive, with most games running flawlessly except for a few minor issues.

A lot of developers have taken to Twitter to showcase the performance of the Steam Deck. Most developers are reporting that their games are running great, with many being noticeably impressed by the machine’s performance.

The official page of Sekai Project, a Japanese game developer, has already tried out several games on the Steam Deck. The company was impressed by the device’s Proton program which helps to increase the compatibility of Windows games on the machine’s Linux-based operating system.

While Sekai Project didn’t have any troubles with many of its games on the Steam Deck, the company still ran into a couple of issues with some of its games. Some games required adjusting Proton settings, while others simply didn’t work at all.

Other developers have been quick to praise the Steam Deck as well. The official account for the X-Plane flight simulator software confirmed that its game works on the device. And it even has support for joystick controls.

Steam’s new handheld gaming PC is surrounded by a lot of hype. The Steam Deck starts at $399 and is set to launch in December of this year.

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