Rivian R1T, there is also the field kitchen

Rivian R1T, there is also the field kitchen

Rivian R1T

Among the staples of American automotive culture, two columns haven't moved for a long time: pick-ups and outdoor grills. Being of 100% USA origin, Rivian has its priorities very clear when it announces (or rather confirms) the presence of a real mini kitchen in the R1T model. An optional that will surely make many users happy, despite the increase of 5,000 Dollars on the base price already settled at 70,000.

The camp kitchen you see in the photo is based on the idea of ​​the so-called accessory tunnel or gear tunne l in original. It is a space just behind the cabin intended to accommodate various extras dedicated especially to outdoor adventures or exploration. Specifically, the tunnel houses the “closed” version of the field kitchen, complete with cutlery and accessories. The parent company ensures that the whole will not be too noisy, but noises are the last concern for those who love off-road vehicles. with a special tap and a 1440 watt induction oven that rests on the batteries of the R2T. One wonders, knowing the Americans, if there is no risk that too much cooked food will run out of power. It's okay to be full, but finding yourself in the middle of nowhere after a barbecue isn't exactly the best. Probably, the parent company has also thought about this, knowing its target very closely.

Generally speaking, the R1T presents itself as one of the most interesting and at the same time curious proposals in the field of electric pickups for away of the many accessories. In addition to housing all kinds of utensils and extras (like this portable kitchen), the same vehicle even has an optional three-seater awning. Given the level of customization, it would not be a surprise to find a demountable five-a-side football pitch in the eventual Italian model.

Waiting for confirmation on this last point, we remind you that the R1T is already being delivered overseas in the Launch Edition, while the other models are expected at the beginning of 2022.

Rivian’s Electric R1T Truck Will Have a Full Camping Kitchen That Pops Out From the Side

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Rivian’s all-electric pickup won’t just be the first battery-powered truck to hit the market, it’ll also come with its own working kitchen.

The startup’s CEO RJ Scaringe recently showed off the R1T’s intriguing culinary add-on in a video posted to Twitter. The modular accessory includes everything you need to whip up a meal for your friends and loved ones on your next camping trip.

The option is called the Camp Kitchen x Snow Peak package and actually groups together three accessories—the Camp Kitchen, Snow Peak kitchen set and Rivian Gear Tunnel Shuttle. Basically, it’s a full mobile kitchen set that stores in the Tunnel Shuttle, which Scaringe calls a “gear tunnel” video. The kitchen includes a 1,440-watt, two-burner induction cooktop and a collapsible, four-gallon sink with a pressure differential pump. The kitchen set, meanwhile, includes 30 pieces of titanium Snow Peak kitchenware, including pots, pans, kettle and even a coffee grinder for those who struggle to enjoy nature’s grandeur without a cup of joe first. Better yet, the kitchen and kitchen set are both modular, so you can easily remove them when you need the Tunnel Shuttle for additional storage.

The Camp Kitchen cooktopRivian

The Camp Kitchen x Snow Peak package is available as a $5,000 add-on in the R1T configurator. If you pair it with the Three-Person Tent + Cargo Crossbars package, which cost $2,650, you can easily turn the R1T into a stylish, zero-emission camping vehicle.

The R1T offers all-wheel drive, a three-second zero-to-60 mph time, an 11,000-pound towing capacity and starts at $67,500. Deliveries of the Launch Edition are expected to begin this month, while deliveries of other configurations will start early next year.

Snow Peak kitchen setRivian

As Car and Driver points out, a battle over features is likely to be a big part of the electronic truck wars. The Ford F-150 Lightning will feature an onboard power generator for tools (and more). Meanwhile, the GMC Hummer EV has a Crab mode that allows it to drive sideways, and the Tesla Cybertruck will offer up a slew of accessories, including a camper configuration that also includes a kitchen. Of course, unlike that cooking accessory, we’ve actually seen Rivian’s mobile kitchen set in action. Your move, Tesla.