Playing video games is good for you! "It's like doing a thousand sit-ups" for a study

Playing video games is good for you! It's like doing a thousand sit-ups for a study

For us fans, video games have always been something positive that allows us to experience moments of lightheartedness at various moments of the day. It happens sometimes, however, that some studies or services point to the medium of not doing so much good for gamers. There are two recent studies in particular that, after some careful analysis, have decided to draw up yet another verdict on what is now a passion more than cleared throughout the world, with the results that may surprise you.

The Secret of Monkey Island (1990) The first study was conducted by Stakester, an eSports platform that also carries out various analyzes on the video game sector, not necessarily competitive. According to the latest study done by this platform, it emerged that gamers actually benefit from long gaming sessions. In particular, according to the study, a couple of hours of gaming can burn 420 calories for men and 470 for women.

According to Stakester, if you undergo an intense gaming session the type of effort would be equivalent to do a thousand sit-ups. Tom Fairey, CEO and founder of the Stakester platform, also intervened with the results of this recent study. when trying to score at the last minute in FIFA or facing a very tense fight on Warzone. We are not surprised that these efforts burn calories, but we are surprised to see how many are burned during a two hour gaming session ”.

Queensland University of Technology also talked about it, with Australian scientists who have revealed how gamers have a 21% more chance than those who do not play video games to have a more balanced weight and in good health . Michael Trotter, an esports researcher at QUT, said he was very proud of the results obtained from the university study, "because they challenge the antiquated stereotype of the overweight and sedentary gamer".

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