YouTube will no longer show political and gambling ads on the homepage

YouTube will no longer show political and gambling ads on the homepage

Ads removed include alcohol and prescription drug sales

(photo: Mateusz Slodkowski / Sopa Images / LightRocket via Getty Images) YouTube has updated its ad policy and banned some sponsored content from the homepage. The box that appears at the top of the home screen from Monday can no longer display advertisements for offline and online betting and gambling, alcohol, prescription drugs and advertisements for political candidates. Even announcements relating to general political issues will no longer be immediately approved, but the platform reserves the right to decide on a case-by-case basis.

If the YouTube homepage is one of the most visited web pages on the entire internet, its tested is the most expensive and sought after advertising space on the platform.

Already at the end of last year Google, which owns YouTube, had changed the booking process of its homepage header, no longer allowing a single advertiser to grab that space for an entire day.

Trump's re-election committee bought that ad space on election day in November 2020, before this change took effect.

Google suspended all political announcements after polls closed on Election Day and did so again, for about a month, after Trump supporters attempted an uprising on Capitol Hill in January. r>
Regarding the recent news to ban alcohol ads, gambling, drugs and political commercials, a Google spokesperson told Axios that he believes that "this update will lead to a better user experience" .

Google has been modifying its advertising policies for years in an attempt to minimize misinformation and manipulation, particularly with regard to sensitive events, such as electoral rounds.

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