The CureVac mRna vaccine has low efficacy

The CureVac mRna vaccine has low efficacy

After the announcement of the successes for the Novavax vaccine, comes that of the European mRna product. It is only 47% effective against disease. Analysis and studies continue

(photo: Pavlo Gonchar / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images) Results and decisions regarding CureVac's CvnCoV vaccine, another product based on mRna technology, made in Europe (in Germany). But the results weren't as expected. In a note, the company announces an effectiveness against the disease - of any severity - of 47%. A percentage far from that of the vaccines currently in use, and even from that just declared for the new Novavax protein subunit vaccine and probably attributable, the company explains to the spread of different variants.

BAD NEWS - il CureVac vaccine does not work. 47% protection. Thank goodness for having several that work.

- Roberto Burioni (@RobertoBurioni) June 16, 2021

The company speaks very clearly of a “context without with at least 13 variants circulating within the studied population ”, a sample of about 40 thousand people, in the Herald Phase 2b / 3 study. In the 134 cases considered for the interim analysis (at least two weeks after the second administration) in fact almost 60% concerned variant of concern (such as alpha, beta, gamma and delta), only one the original virus, and for the rest minor variants.

Beyond the results, and with what we could consider a setback, especially for Europe for which CureVac would represent its mRna vaccine, realistically the anti-Covid vaccines to focus on for the near future, the company's research in the field continues. Further investigations into the data of the same study could revise the efficacy estimates - not in a ignificant way, according to some - but above all the studies by the company are proceeding towards the creation of new second generation mRna vaccines, based on a new construct, more suited to new variants: one of the major bonuses associated with the use of these vaccines.

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