PS5: PixelOpus with Sony Animation for a new game, after Concrete Genie

PS5: PixelOpus with Sony Animation for a new game, after Concrete Genie


PixelOpus, Sony's internal team responsible for Concrete Genie, is working on a new game for PS5, possibly a new intellectual property developed in collaboration with Sony Pictures Animation, so a production that could have some relevance.

The news comes through some job announcements posted by the team, in particular for a Principal Graphics Programmer and a Senior Engine Programmer, both to be employed on this new project which, according to the information, will be built on Unreal Engine 5.

Concrete Genie had already demonstrated PixelOpus' artistic abilities on PS4 The Sony Pictures Animation team typically deals with animation at the cinematic level and was responsible for the recent Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. We do not know exactly what the role of this team is with the work of PixelOpus, but it is likely a collaboration on the artistic front or perhaps in the inclusion of some animations in computer graphics within the game. In fact, the previous game by the small Sony team had already shown a very particular graphic style, which could marry with a collaboration of this type.

The only facts that emerge from the announcements are the presence of a new game and probably unpublished, therefore perhaps a new intellectual property not belonging to an already established series, and the fact that everything is based on Unreal Engine 5 and is planned for PS5, therefore bringing with it a certain technical evolution on which Sony Animation could indulge with new solutions.

For more information on their previous production, we refer you to the review of Concrete Genie, which was also included in the free games of February 2021 on PlayStation Plus.

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