PlayStation Studios and Deviation Games have been collaborating for over a year on the PS5 game

PlayStation Studios and Deviation Games have been collaborating for over a year on the PS5 game

Deviation Games has revealed that Sony has been working with Sony on its new PS5 project for over a year now, despite the partnership being unveiled only recently, with various details on this collaboration being revealed in a recent interview.

We recently saw the presentation of the partnership between Deviation Games and PlayStation Studios for an exclusive project, which seems to be something very interesting. The team is led by Dave Anthony and Jason Blundell, two developers who have previously worked at Treyarch and have extensive experience on the Call of Duty series.

The idea is that they are building something in line with the previous experiences, a choice that could be particularly strategic as regards the PS5 catalog, given that the production of FPS or shooter in general could be a weak point of the internal offer.

"We have been working together for about a year, a year and a half, and it's going very well, "said Hermen Hulst, head of Sony Worldwide Studios, about it. The team currently has a staff of over 100 people, so the project in development seems to be a title of high caliber, something confirmed by Anthony himself: "We are not wrong: this game is a great project, there is no doubt about it, and we need even more people to complete it ", which is why the intention is to grow further as a studio.

Deviation is still in the team building phase, so the process is still long, both as regards the staff and the design of the game. Apparently, the new title will be a console exclusive, but the developers have not been able to clarify yet if it will be only next gen or if it is destined to be released on PS4 and perhaps also on PC: "We cannot say anything precise about it yet. specific platforms, ”Anthony said.

However, the new IP in development also seems important to Sony: "Together we are building a new IP that is brave, which builds on what these guys have created and learned in their career years, which they speak for. and this will inevitably lead to another major addition to the PlayStation portfolio that I look forward to being able to better inform you, "said Hulst.

This is a project in line with the agreement already announced between PlayStation and the new studio of Jade Raymond and also in this case it is based on a considerable creative freedom left to the developers, but with important financial support from Sony.

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