Nintendo Switch Pro, will pre-orders start soon?

Nintendo Switch Pro, will pre-orders start soon?

Nintendo Switch Pro

For several months now, there has been a lot of talk about Nintendo Switch Pro. A probable hi-end version of the console produced by the Kyoto house actually seems to be in the pipeline, so much so that some renders have already appeared. Over the next few days, also thanks to the arrival of E3 2021, we will most likely know more even if in reality, according to a very famous retailer, the pre-order date has already been decided.

According to Amazon .com, in fact, Nintendo Switch Pro will be bookable starting from 8 June 2021. In just under three days, therefore, according to the retailer, the Kyoto house will open reservations for the new version of the hybrid console. This is obviously a rumor and it seems really strange that it will be possible to pre-order the new console before an official announcement and this leads us to think that in Japan they are working on a sort of flash release. This would mean that the hi-end version will most likely not be presented during the Los Angeles kermesse.

As often happens in the video game industry, especially in the period of fairs such as E3, rumors are pouring in from a part to the other. The existence of Nintendo Switch Pro now seems obvious but it is clear that it will be necessary to wait for some official information about it directly from the Kyoto house. Our advice therefore is to wait for some communication from Nintendo.

So is it worth writing down the date of June 8, 2021 with a red marker? Probably yes. may have information about the Nintendo Switch Pro for some time. However, this is good to remember, it is also very likely that we will be hearing about the new version for some time. As usual, all this information is treated as rumors, so we will update you as soon as there will be official news on the matter. Stay tuned with us to not miss any details!

Nintendo Switch Pro has not yet appeared on Amazon: you can still buy the 2019 model at this address.

So, Maybe No Nintendo Switch Pro Then?

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For months now, there have been rumblings that Nintendo has been working on a Switch Pro, a new, upgraded version of the original Switch with 4K capabilities when docked and an OLED handheld screen, among other upgrades. And a recent Bloomberg report suggested that it was set to be announced before E3 and debut as soon as this fall.

Well uh, where is it, then?

As the clock ticks closer to E3, we really only have a single week until the event starts. Nintendo has announced a software-ware only Direct for the show itself, but has not made any indication they will be announcing anything else before the show. While there’s still time, another option is looking increasingly likely.

That Nintendo is not going to announce the Switch Pro and not release it this year.

This isn’t to say the Switch Pro doesn’t exist. All indications are that it most definitely does, but there’s a difference between the Pro existing and it being about to make its imminent debut.

The idea is that two factors are leading to perhaps Nintendo making the decision to debut the Switch Pro later on:

  • A global component shortage affecting all consoles, including the Switch, which would lead to far less supply than normal for a 2021 debut.
  • The fact that the current Switch is still a massive best-seller and will likely sell out through this coming holiday whether there’s a Pro version or not.
  • In summary, Nintendo doesn’t really need a Switch Pro in 2021, and there would be little point in debuting an console upgrade where supply won’t be anywhere even close to meeting demand, especially when the current version of the console is already doing that.

    Yes, the timing is theoretically right, as the Nintendo Switch debuted just over four years ago, so an upgrade makes sense. But there’s also no reason not to wait until spring or fall 2022 for as long as this component shortage is going on, and the original Switch continues to sell as well as it has.

    This could run into some complications with the idea that there are specific games being made to take advantage of the Switch Pros power, as if the system is delayed, those versions would be too. But we don’t know how wide the power gap will be between the old and new consoles, and it may not really matter all that much in the end.

    At this point, the longer this silence continues, the more I would imagine that we’re not going to see a Pro announcement after all, or if we do, it may just be a tease for 2022. Now that I’ve said this out loud, I’m sure Nintendo will announce this tomorrow and make me look dumb, but I’m not opposed to that either.

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