Nintendo Switch Pro: New model was briefly available on Amazon

Nintendo Switch Pro: New model was briefly available on Amazon

Nintendo Switch Pro

Is the Nintendo Switch Pro about to be released in the foreseeable future? At least there was another hint. At the online retailer Amazon Mexico, the product entry for a "New Nintendo Switch Pro" could be found for a short time, which of course immediately caused speculation.

Although the corresponding entry was a little later from Amazon's offer again disappeared, but fortunately some Twitter users were able to take a screenshot beforehand as "proof". However, too many details could not be found on the product page. Apart from the name, for example, there was no information about the device itself, the release date or the price. The only information given was that this product is currently not available. There was also no trace of a picture. So the question now arises as to whether it was just a system error on the part of the retailer or whether something is more behind the whole thing.

Recommended editorial content At this point you will find external content from [PLATTFORM]. To protect your personal data, external integrations are only displayed if you confirm this by clicking on "Load all external content": Load all external content I consent to external content being displayed to me. This means that personal data is transmitted to third-party platforms. Read more about our privacy policy . External content More on this in our data protection declaration. At least it cannot be completely ruled out that a Pro version of the Nintendo Switch (buy now) will hit the market in the foreseeable future. Rumors about a model with improved hardware have been around for many months. Most recently, Bloomberg magazine reported that the announcement of a Nintendo Switch Pro could possibly even be made before this year's E3 (June 12-15, 2021). The first games should then be on view at the fair. However, Nintendo has not yet issued a statement on this matter. The next days and weeks could be very interesting, however.

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Nintendo Switch Pro appears on Amazon, launch is imminent

We’ve been seeing rumors that suggest the release of a new beefed-up Nintendo Switch variant for quite some time. Now, it seems that the big N is finally ready to unveil its new product. The Japanese firm will disclose the Nintendo Switch Pro ahead of the virtual E3 conference which is set to happen in June. This week leaks started to pop out everywhere. Today, the device appeared on the Amazon Mexico listing for a brief time. This was enough to add fuel to fire regarding speculations about the device. Amazon Mexico listing was clearly a placeholder but mentioned “New Switch Pro” in the product title.

The page has since been deleted, which further suggests that the listing was mistakenly published by the e-commerce retailer. The listing joins recent reports by Bloomberg and Eurogamer, which have claimed that Nintendo would host a conference ahead of the virtual E3 2021, announcing the new console. However, the listing joins reports by Bloomberg and Eurogamer, which have claimed that Nintendo would host a conference ahead of the virtual E3 2021 to announce the console.

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New Nintendo Switch Pro will pack a bigger display, resolution, and superior processing power

So far, there aren’t many details about the new Nintendo Switch Pro. However, we speculate that it will be a good upgrade over the existing Switch. While games should remain compatible between the consoles, the Pro may offer a bigger display, more resolution, as well as superior graphics and processing power. The Pro will likely elevate the experience of the hybrid console. One could think that it will be capable of running games with Full HD resolution and 60 frames per second. We’re not expecting massive changes since Nintendo should keep supporting the current Switch and Switch Lite. It’s not a generation upgrade, just an incremental upgrade like the PS4 Pro and Xbox Series X was for their standard counterparts.

The new console, however, will be the biggest refresh to it ever since the launch of the Switch. We can also expect a bigger battery and an AMOLED display made by Samsung. Interestingly, the new console will sell alongside the Switch Lite, after its launch. This means that the regular Switch will be gradually discontinued. So newcomers will have to opt between the Pro and Lite modes. The Lite features a smaller screen and fixed controllers, and of course, only supports portable mode. It retails at $200 in international markets. The regular Switch, meanwhile, retails at $300 internationally.

We expect more details to appear ahead of the virtual E3 conference.