Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Update with PS5 data transfer released

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Update with PS5 data transfer released

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

A few days before the release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade, Square Enix released a new update for the PS4 version of the RPG. Version 1.02 brings a data transfer option into the title, with which players can transfer their current save from PS4 to PS5. The role play does not have to be started all over again. The update does not seem to bring any further changes. Since the release in April 2020, it is only the second update for Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

New content for the role-playing game is already in the starting blocks - if you are the owner of a PS5. Square Enix will make Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade available on June 10, 2021, an improved PS5 version. The upgrade will be available free of charge to all previous owners. If you received Final Fantasy 7 Remake some time ago through your PS Plus subscription, you are not eligible for the free upgrade. In this case you have to purchase the complete package from Intergrade. Among other things, players will have the choice in the future whether they want to play the title in 4K with improved textures and light effects - or prefer to use the 60FPS option.

The highlight of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is the new one Intermission episode starring Yuffie. Almost 20 euros have to be paid for the expansion - if you get the game via the free PS5 upgrade. As with the main game, Sony has secured a deal here too. The content remains exclusively for PS5 for at least six months.

Final Fantasy VII Remake PS5 Save Transfer Included In New Update

Final Fantasy VII Remake PS5 save transfers are now available thanks to a new update in place for the Intergrade new-gen enhancements. This means that those that enjoyed the modernized take on a Final Fantasy favorite can now enjoy the tale on a new generation of gaming without having to start from scratch. 

When players boot up Final Fantasy VII Remake, they'll see a new option added to the game's main menu. It is there that a new choice has been added, the Upload Save Data option. Click on that and you can choose a save file of your choosing to upload to be directly downloaded onto your PS5 system specifically for Intergrade. For those that may have had several different runs, you're not just limited to just one save file either.

But what about trophies? No worries, trophy data, which is not uncommon, will also transfer over for Intergrade. Players will see all of the new features that Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade has on PS5 when the game releases on June 10. This also includes the brand new Yuffie episode, which is exclusive to PS5, and will bring in even more familiar faces to the remake for long-time fans to enjoy. 

Save transfers are hit and miss with this gen, it seems. Some games offer it right out of the gate, other studios say it's just not possible. That being said, PlayStation 5 consoles are still very much hard to come by and Sony has updated gamers that this shortage won't be ending any time soon. 

What are your thoughts on Final Fantasy VII Remake and Intergrade? Are you excited to see more from the first part of Final Fantasy VII Remake, or are you purely focused on getting your hands on part 2? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below.