Final Fantasy: Rumors of Another PS5 Exclusive Game

Final Fantasy: Rumors of Another PS5 Exclusive Game

Final Fantasy

Square Enix is ​​expected to present another Final Fantasy game at E3 2021, which will be released exclusively for the PS5. The rumors come from User Navtra's ResetERA forum, which has historically been a trusted source for news from Square Enix. In addition, the first alleged details about the title have now emerged.

According to the latest information, Square Enix is ​​supposed to work together with Team Ninja on the new project. In addition, the game is inspired by From Software's Souls series - but apparently it is not supposed to be a "Souls-like Final Fantasy". Another leaker named Soul Hunt compares the title with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which also has many similarities with the games in the Souls series. Team Ninja was recently able to gain a lot of experience in this genre with Nioh and Nioh 2.

Similar to the two games, the new project will also receive a demo in advance so that the developers can listen to feedback from the players before the release can react. The test should be published in the summer. Square Enix is ​​also said to have planned the unveiling of a new Eidos title for E3 in 2021, according to Navtra. The digital event will take place between June 12th and 15th this year. The company's other projects currently include Final Fantasy 16, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade, Forspoken and more.

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