DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power for Nintendo Switch is available, launch trailer

DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power for Nintendo Switch is available, launch trailer

DC Super Hero Girls

DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power is available from today for Nintendo Switch and returns to show itself with a launch trailer, in which we see something of the particular setting and gameplay of this title based on the official DC Comics license.

In DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power, players can join the fight against various villains as Wonder Woman, Supergirl or Batgirl, in this all-female tie-in featuring juvenile versions of various historical DC Comics super heroines. .

DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power for Nintendo Switch is based on the animated series of the same name Cartoon Network Are you ready to save the city from the clutches of a group of mischievous DC Super Villains, all while keeping up with life social as a teenager at Metropolis High School? If you can manage a Batarang and an after-school in the same style, then Metropolis needs your help.

In DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power, players can perform incredible combos in battle using the game's intuitive controls and a wide range of skills, each tailored to the six playable characters. Wonder Woman uses her warrior abilities with her Lasso of Truth and Flying Shield, Supergirl has Heat Sight and Power Blow, and Batgirl can invent crime-fighting gadgets like the Bat-Hook.

The rowdy Harley Quinn can gleefully use her mega-jump Malamolla to create some confusion, while Catwoman's Cat-dance ability can be used to scratch enemies like a crafty jewel thief, or trap them using Carol Ferris' Love Trap ability. The Toymaker's elusive minions won't know what hit them.

DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power presents a rather humorous and younger version of the DC universe, as demonstrated by the very structure of the game. When it comes to fighting, players can explore different sections of the city of Metropolis by carrying out rather unusual side missions: rescuing missing cats and collecting costumes to show off their personal style.

Also present some city-style mechanics. builder with the ability to rebuild a destroyed part of the city by purchasing parts with in-game money to open shops or choose the location of new buildings. DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power is based on the same series by Cartoon Network, announced with a trailer during Nintendo Direct in February 2021.

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Reminder: DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power Is Out Now On Nintendo Switch

It's hard to think of many Nintendo releases that have had a lower profile than DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power. Revealed during the February Nintendo Direct, it is published globally by Nintendo, yet it's drifted into its release today without much fanfare despite that first-party status.

However, it's all relative based on the game's target audience. DC Super Hero Girls began as a web series among other things, but is now a full animated series on Cartoon Network; the game is a logical step as it continues to earn young fans.

The game itself blends activities with the characters as teens, with more action-oriented segments in their superhero roles. It doesn't look particularly impressive on a technical level, so convincing parents to splash out the full retail price may be a tough sell.

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In any case, it's a Nintendo-published retail title that launches today, let us know if you plan to add it to your collection!