Book of Travels: Early Access release date of the enchanting TMORPG

Book of Travels: Early Access release date of the enchanting TMORPG

Book of Travels

Might and Delight has unveiled the release date of Book of Travels Early Access, a role-playing experience within environments hatched as "living paintings". The game is coming to Steam on August 9th, after four years of development.

Book of Travels is defined by the developers as a TMORPG, or a Tiny Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (mini multiplayer online role-playing game) . The game will allow us to explore "Braided Shore, a vast and intricate world" within which "encounters with other players are rare and distant from each other, so random encounters will be something special. Choose to collaborate together or survive. on your own, in both cases, you will be part of the birth of an exciting new online community, where many stories will be told ".

Book of Travels In Book of Travels there will be no real main mission to complete or a clear goal to pursue. It is a game based on free exploration, in search of secrets. We will be able to create our character on the basis of over 20 "Shapes" and 300 skills that determine the personality, rather than the characteristics and the class. You can play as an adventurer who loves danger or as a stoic magician's apprentice or a carefree gambler who loves to drink tea. Communication will take place via symbols, which can be unlocked through exploration (for example, you unlock the symbol for "city" only after you have visited a city).

You can see the E3 2021 trailer of Book of Travels below.

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Book of Travels, an RPG with living painting visuals, releases trailer

Book of Travels, a new RPG with gorgeous “living painting” visuals, has released a new trailer. Book of Travels boasts the ability to create a unique character and then guide them through the lovingly crafted hand painted world and features MMORPG elements but in a much smaller way, allowing players to interact and connect on a more limited scale to add to the sense of community.

Might and Delight is excited to launch Book of Travels, a deep role-playing experience with “living painting” visuals, into Early Access on August 9th. This  Tiny Multiplayer Online RPG (TMORPG) has been in development for four years and is the studio’s most ambitious game to date. Players will soon have the opportunity to explore the mysterious world of Braided Shore, a place where kindness is as valuable as skill with a sword.

During its 11 years as a company, the studio has released many artistic and emotional games, including Shelter, Meadow, and Pid. Book of Travels is both an evolution of lessons learned in those games and an evolution of Might and Delight’s desire to create visually distinct experiences ripe with emotionally engaging interaction. The developers are eager to bring this to life and players are excited for it as well, as more than 7,000 backers contributed over $300,000 dollars to make Book of Travels the most successful Swedish Kickstarter campaign for a computer game ever.

Express Yourself With Engaging Roleplay

Immersion is a central element of the Book of Travels experience and a key part of is detailed character design. Players are able to craft unique characters whose personalities will shape their in-game story and lay the foundation for their roleplay adventure. Will your character be caring? Messy? Passionate? Maybe even a fussy eater? Once created, your unique character will become a Traveler who is new to the land of Braided Shore, free to explore, have encounters, and shape their own adventure.

An Enchanting World With Darkness at Its Edges

Book of Travels is inspired by the kinds of art, animation, and literature that depict worlds both dark and beautiful. Rendered in exquisite, hand-painted scenery, this is a world that is enchanting to explore – but it’s not without the occasional sinister encounter. Enjoy the safety of well trodden paths, but stray into the beauty of the wilds and you may find troubles lurking…

Fewer Players, Stronger Connections

Book of Travels is a TMORPG – A Tiny Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game. This is a riff on the usual MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) and in play terms it means a very different way to share experiences with others in the game. With fewer players available to meet in the game world, connecting with others will be a very special part of the story experience. You will get a whole world to discover with the potential for intimate, unforgettable encounters with other players along the way.

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