Ex-Blizzard employee: Evolution of Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2 planned

Ex-Blizzard employee: Evolution of Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2 planned

Ex-Blizzard employee

It has been known for some time that the newly formed development team Frost Giant Studios is working on a large-scale real-time strategy game. The team consists of many former Blizzard Entertainment employees. Their existing know-how in this genre is correspondingly large.

Tim Morten, one of the founders of the studio, made no secret of the fact that it was a very ambitious one in an interview with Op Attack magazine Project acts. There he said:

"We want to make a game that feels like an evolution of Blizzard's strategy games. Our influences include Warcraft 3, Brood War and Starcraft 2. We expect us to be so different become like these games to each other too. "

Morton did not go into further detail in his explanation in this regard, so that it is not known what exactly he means by this. However, it seems reasonable to assume that Frost Giant Studios will be inspired by the games mentioned due to the past of many employees and that one or the other feature will be found in the new project.

When will we see this for the first time is currently not certain. However, Frost Giant Studios had already confirmed several times that the production is currently in a very early phase. A certain financial cushion is already in place: only recently, the team was able to increase the available capital to $ 9.7 million in a second round of financing.

Source: Op Attack

Ex-Blizzard-led Frost Giant Studios raises $9.7 million for new RTS game

Developers at Frost Giant Studios have reeled in nearly $10 million for a brand new real-time strategy game.

Several former developers at Blizzard Entertainment left the company in order to form their own studio. Named Frost Giant Studios, this team is led by Tim Campbell and Tim Morten, two longtime Blizzard employees. The devs had been fundraising for a new project, and have now revealed their totals. After two rounds of funding, Frost Giant Studios has raised $9.7 million for a brand new RTS game.

Frost Giant Studios originally raised $4.7 million for the project back in October. In its second round of fundraising, the studio brought in an additional $5 million, bringing its total to $9.7 million, the company announced. The primary contributors were Kona Venture Partners, Global Founders Capital, RXBAR co-founder Jared Smith, and entrepreneur Eden Chen.

Developers at Frost Giant Studios

Frost Giant Studios includes Tim Morten, who served as production director on Starcraft 2, one of the most highly beloved real-time strategy games. The entirety of the $9.7 million will go towards supporting the team on its upcoming game, which Morten will oversee the production of.

Not much else is known about Frost Giant Studios' upcoming game, other than the fact that it’s an RTS and a brand new IP. With such a talented roster assembled, it’ll be interesting to see what the group comes up with. For more news and updates on the project, be sure to bookmark our newly created topic page dedicated to Frost Giant Studios.

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