Bloodborne, the spiritual sequel is pure theater

Bloodborne, the spiritual sequel is pure theater


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In the last few hours Bloodborne has dominated some of the news in the world of video games. According to an insider, in fact, From Software would have been working on the spiritual sequel (as we reported yesterday) but today comes the dry denial. Not from the software house, but from another insider, who has obtained different notoriety thanks to some predictions in the past that then "magically" came true.

In short, this Bloodborne 2 (or a spiritual success) will for real? Apparently not. Lance McDonald has in fact flatly denied the latest rumors about it. "They are pure fiction," he said on Twitter. And perhaps he is really right, considering that at the moment there is very little information regarding the next movements of the development team and above all that the IP, exclusively released on PlayStation 4 has always been the focus of attention and particular rumors but none of them. they never came true.

Things, to date, are much simpler. From Software is not committed to Bloodborne but to refining and launching Elden Ring on January 22, 2022. Already from this we understand how much the various rumors are actually practically unfounded: the game (developed in collaboration with George RR Martin) is in fact the largest that the development team has ever created and the only idea that it could have mustered. some members to work on a sequel to the game produced in collaboration with Japan Studio appears quite fragile. Let's also add that every title of the team has had post-launch DLC, most likely a part of the staff is dedicated to creating additional content for their next game.

Do all the previous assumptions belie a spiritual sequel, a true successor or a PlayStation 5 remake / patch of Bloodborne? Absolutely not. In fact, in the future it is not excluded that Hidetaka Miyazaki will take that universe back into his hands, but today there are good reasons to believe that any projects related to the exclusive PlayStation 4 are in a drawer of the author's desk, locked up. Only in the near future, perhaps, Miyazaki will turn the key but for now there are other adventures he wants us to play.

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Bloodborne Remaster Rumored to Be Revealed at Upcoming PlayStation Event

A new rumor has emerged indicating that PlayStation may announce a new remastered iteration of the beloved PS4 action game Bloodborne at a future event. Although this isn't the first time that we have heard rumors of this sort, the fact that they've started to emerge once again is getting fans hopeful, especially since the PlayStation 4 version of the game still has yet to be upgraded for PS5.

The rumor of this new remaster of Bloodborne stems from Tim Rogers, who is a content creator and former game developer. In recent weeks, Rogers said on social media that Bloodborne would receive a new PS5 version at some point in the future. Although it wasn't clear if Rogers had actual sources to back up this claim, some fans assumed that he could have some insider information given his history in the gaming industry.

In recent days, Rogers has gone on to double down on this notion and has suggested that a Bloodborne remaster might be revealed at a future PlayStation event. He has also gone on to say, however, that he was 'just guessing' about whether such a remaster might be coming about. Still, this didn't dissuade many to question him about this situation thinking he might be privy to something that others are not. It's also worth noting that Rogers also encouraged all of his followers to not play Bloodborne if they have never done so before because he feels like a 60fps remaster of the game 'is imminently due'.

As mentioned previously, fans have specifically been clamoring for an upgraded version of Bloodborne in any capacity for quite some time. Even though many PS4 games have slowly been getting improved on PS5, thanks to how Bloodborne was created, the title is permanently locked at 30fps. As such, hope for an all-new remaster, or at the very least a PS5 upgrade, is something that continues to be talked about quite a bit amongst PlayStation fans.

Whether or not a Bloodborne remaster ends up coming about remains to be seen, but considering how many rumors we have heard about this over the past year, it definitely seems to be possible. If such an announcement does come to fruition, we'll be sure to let you know.

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