Tesla Model S, autonomy continues to increase

Tesla Model S, autonomy continues to increase

Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S has reached such a range that it can be compared to some vehicles with internal combustion engine, after having traveled 515 km at a speed of 120 km / h during a test dedicated to consumption.

The test, conducted by the American magazine Car and Driver, was carried out on a Tesla Model S Long Range Plus “Raven”, a variant that is no longer available on the market because it has given way to the upcoming Model S Plaid and Plaid + versions. On this model there is a 103.9 kWh battery pack, which uses 18650 cells.

"Usually when we do a test on the motorway consumption of an electric car we are forced to reduce the duration, and who drives the he car during the test is always very stressed by the idea of ​​being able to run out of battery. This time, however, when we received the Tesla Model S Long Range Plus, we didn't need to shorten the route, and there was no nervousness. Indeed, we have extended the route, reaching 515 km at 120 km / h, the best result we have ever obtained from an electric car. "

The range of a Model S Long Range Plus is comparable to that of a Mustang Shelby GT500, which with a tank of almost 70 liters in the test at 120 km / h recorded consumption of 8.5 km traveled with a liter.

The autonomy of an electric car is obviously a fundamental aspect and Tesla knows it very well: for years the company of Elon Musk has been working to improve the efficiency of its cars, and not for nothing it has been Tesla himself to create the first electric car that had an EPA autonomy exceeding 640 km, thanks to the 100 kWh battery pack.

With the advent of the new Tesla Model S Plaid and Plaid +, we should see a further increase in mileage; despite the delay on deliveries caused by the shortage of chips available on the market, Elon Musk has recently confirmed that the launch event for the new Model S Plaid is set for June 3, 2021. We expect improved batteries and more from the new Model S. efficient, to further extend the driving range.

Tesla Model S Plaid Plus orders halted? EV unavailable on automaker's site

a car driving on a road: What © Provided by Roadshow What's up with the Plaid Plus? Tesla

Something's up with the Tesla Model S Plaid Plus. At some point over the weekend, Tesla barred shoppers from placing an order for the super fast electric luxury sedan as the vehicle is now grayed out on the automaker's website, though it's still visible. A message from last week still shows the sedan aims for a mid-2022 launch window.

Tesla does not operate a public relations department to field requests for comment, so we don't have a clue what's going on. If I had to take a shot in the dark, it seems as though the automaker may have enough orders on hand to close its books for the time being. 

The Model S Plaid, however, remains available for order. CEO Elon Musk said the company plans for a launch party on June 3 at the factory to celebrate the first production cars. Deliveries of the regular Model S Plaid were originally slated for August, but the company's website does, in fact, now show the cars will be ready next month.

a car driving on a road © Tesla

The Plaid Plus debuted early this year with Tesla-touted specs of 1,100 horsepower, 520 miles of range and a 0-60 mph time under 2 seconds. The company originally aimed for a late-2021 launch for the sedan, but perhaps the company has its hands full between the Cybertruck, the Semi and its best-selling Model 3 and Model Y EVs. Don't forget, we're still waiting for a new Roadster, too. When the Plaid Plus does arrive, it will cost $149,990 -- $10,000 more than what Tesla originally planned to charge.

a car driving on a road: Tesla finally gave its Model S sedan a much needed refresh.

Tesla finally gave its Model S sedan a much needed refresh.

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