Battlefield 2042: Fans celebrate "typical Battlefield moments" - trailer recreated in BF4

Battlefield 2042: Fans celebrate typical Battlefield moments - trailer recreated in BF4

Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 is coming: After a number of leaks and advance information, DICE and Electronic Arts presented the new first-person shooter for the first time shortly before E3 2021 - the first gameplay scenes followed at the Microsoft Bethesda Showcase. A new video shows that the BF community is particularly creative: The YouTuber "Danny on PC" has recreated the trailer for Battlefield 2042 in Battlefield 4 - and uploaded the result to the video platform. Of course, it is not a completely one-to-one replica, but fans should recognize the scenes immediately.

The fan video shows: DICE has many of the gameplay mechanics popular with gamers for Battlefield 2042 as well (buy now € 59.99) implemented - what was already possible in BF4 will also be possible in the new part. In the new offshoot, players get all the tools they need to let off steam on the battlefields - the typical "battlefield moments" are now part of the tradition of the first-person shooter series.

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We have summarized all the information about the big E3 conference from Xbox and reveal what, besides Starfield and Forza Horizon 5, the Highlights were - with video var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1374207,1374054,1197010,1373840'; The Battlefield 2042 trailer, for example, picks up on a scene that caused quite a stir in the BF community: when a pilot jumps out of the plane, frees up an opponent and then skilfully lands back in the plane seat. The action begins on October 22nd, when Battlefield 2042 is released for PC and consoles. Before the release, you can try out the first-person shooter in an open beta - DICE has not yet announced a specific date.

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‘Battlefield 2042’ Tops E3’s Most Popular Video Game Trailers

(Battlefield 2042 image courtesy of EA)

Forza Horizon 5, the upcoming installment in Microsoft’s MSFT durable racing franchise, may have won the award this week for E3’s most anticipated game, but the the most-sought-after videos among fans proved to be Electronic Arts’ latest first-person shooter Battlefield 2042.

Three Battlefield 2042 trailers – the official reveal trailer on both EA’s EA Battlefield channel and IGN, and the official gameplay trailer on EA’s channel – are among the top 10 most watched YouTube game videos for the month, according to audience data compiled by Tubular Labs.

The three videos combined for 25.8 million views since the start of June, EA’s own YouTube channel version of the reveal trailer, which features a Motley Crue song dramatically remixed by German duo 2WEI, topped the entire list.

By contrast, the new Forza game may have bagged the most anticipated game award from a group of game-publication editors, but its trailer attracted a far more modest 2.7 million views, according to Tubular. It was 10th on the Top 10 list. Another Microsoft powerhouse, Minecraft, was second on the list overall for a trailer of its Caves & Cliffs update.

The gamer editors also named as the best presentation over the four days of the first virtual E3 Microsoft’s Sunday morning unveil. That event featured 30 games, mostly from its studios and newly acquired Bethesda Games, including Forza and the next Halo, which didn’t even make Tubular’s top 10 for the month. It also showcased Battlefield 2042, separately from EA’s presentation.

The latest Battlefield installment from EA studio DICE is set in a near-future world with weapons of many kinds from the specific era. Recent Battlefield installments I the 19-year-old franchise have focused on combat during World War I, and then World War II.

As with its many predecessors, Battlefield 2042 allows players to not only fight on foot, but also use a wide variety of vehicles. As the two videos show, hovercraft, jeeps, tanks, armored personnel carriers, jets, helicopters, robot fighting dogs, even ATVs and jitneys can be used to move and fight. And there’s even a Fortnite-like storm to navigate on the battlefield. The game play will allow up to 128 players on extremely large maps.

Here’s the top 10 gamer teaser/trailer videos since June 1, according to Tubular:

1. Battlefield: Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer (ft. 2WEI) (15.0 million views)

2. Minecraft: Caves & Cliffs Update: Part I – Official Trailer (7.4 million)

3. Battlefield: Battlefield 2042 Official Gameplay Trailer (6.7 million)

4. Fortnite: Story Trailer For Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 7 (5.8 million)

5. Fortnite: Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 7 Battle Pass Trailer (5.8 million)

6. Ubisoft: Riders Republic: Official Deep Dive Trailer (4.3 million)

7. IGN: Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer (4.1 million)

8. Nintendo: Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - E3 2021 Teaser - Nintendo Direct (3.7 million)

9. Bethesda Softworks: Starfield - Official Teaser Trailer (3.1 million)

10. Xbox: Forza Horizon 5 Official Announce Trailer (2.7 million)