Destiny 2: So you can try cross-play shortly

Destiny 2: So you can try cross-play shortly

Destiny 2

It has been no secret for a long time that Bungie is working on a cross-play feature for the online shooter Destiny 2. It is not yet known when exactly this will appear. However, it is now clear that you will be able to try out the feature for the first time shortly - as part of a special beta test.

As the developer studio has announced, this beta will start on May 25, 2021 - so next Tuesday. You have until May 27th to try out the cross-play feature of Destiny 2 (buy now € 12.99) a little more closely. Incidentally, all owners of the online shooter can take part - regardless of the platform. As part of the beta, a special "Vanguard Strikes Beta Playlist" is available in which players from Steam, Stadia, PlayStation and Xbox can go into battle together. The beta will be limited to this matchmaking activity, however. You cannot form a task force or send invitations to friends. Bungie intends to use the results from this test phase to further develop the function, to refine it or even revise it if necessary.

Incidentally, participation in the beta is worthwhile for you in two ways. Not only does it give you a first closer look at the cross-play feature of Destiny 2, but you can also unlock an exclusive reward. If you complete at least three strikes on the aforementioned playlist during the test phase, you will receive a unique "star crosses" badge.

Source: Bungie