Alan Wake is about to return! Clue appears on the web

Alan Wake is about to return! Clue appears on the web

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With the recent Control, Remedy has been able to hit the hearts of fans. The title not only was able to captivate gamers, but also brought home a whole series of compliments from the critics. Now, after a final DLC that introduced many of the elements of Alan Wake, fans of the Finnish team's productions are starting to wonder if we'll ever see good Alan reappear with a new game.

Now, according to what was found on the net, it seems that the Epic Games Store database has been updated showing a series of files and codes that seem to suggest that Alan Wake is about to return with a remeastered. The title could come out right inside the Epic Games digital store, and thinking about the ongoing collaboration between Epic and Remedy, it could easily be an exclusive title for the Epic store.

Currently no more is known about this, but there are several users who, after finding this clue, are prying their ears in search of possible more information. If everything is to be found official confirmation, the return of the first beloved Alan Wake could mean that the intentions to bring the brand back into business may be much more concrete than previously thought a few months ago.

ICYMI: Alan Wake Remastered spotted on Epic Games Store database


- Nibel (@ Nibellion) June 18, 2021

Lacking the official confirmation, however, we advise you to take this information found on the web with due attention. Finally, we remind you that Epic Games and Remedy are working together on something new, whether it is an Alan Wake 2? Presumably we could find out sooner than you think.

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