A hacker said he stole millions of Italian vaccine data

A hacker said he stole millions of Italian vaccine data

A criminal hacked several databases of vaccination data and auctioned them online, defining the security level as "embarrassing"

(photo: Annette Riedl / picture alliance via Getty Images ) What would you steal if you were a hacker looking for sensitive data right now? Health data, probably; and, specifically, those related to the vaccine could be even more palatable. Someone has already thought about it and broke through a series of databases that contained vaccination data of millions of Italians, putting them up for sale. The story is told by ItalianTech, which reported the appearance of a sales offer for this data on Saturday 12 June in an online forum for the exchange of information. 'last month and in its archives there would be those of over 7 million users. These would also include 6.5 million email addresses and 5.3 million encrypted passwords. The user has set the auction base for the sale at $ 5,000 to be paid in cryptocurrencies and has published three files as an example of his collection.

Among these, the fact that the reported data refers to professionals stands out. enrolled in the National Order of Psychologists, coming from different regions of Italy and marked with the registration number. In addition to the personal and contact data, the first list shows a date and time for "sending request" which suggests the booking of vaccines for Covid-19. In the second text file, the wording "already positive" appears next to about 800 names.

According to what Raffaele Angius, an ItalianTech journalist who contacted the hacker - who writes in English - via Telegram, "the data does not come from a single database, but relates to Covid vaccinations and aggregates from different and multiple sources in which I have introduced myself ". The criminal would also have already found two possible interested buyers.

The hacker did not reveal which targets he hit or which vulnerabilities he exploited but added that "the general level of security of the infrastructure was embarrassing: I had not been I, certainly someone else would have arrived ”. The Postal Police is investigating to ascertain that the disclosed data comes from a cyber intrusion and is not just a collection of data already available online.

Angius commented on the story complaining that in Italy there are no reward programs for hackers who find a vulnerability in a system and reveal it, thus helping to improve the cybersecurity of institutions and databases. Reward systems of this type are increasingly widespread all over the world.

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