Why Amazon risks a 425 million fine in Europe

Why Amazon risks a 425 million fine in Europe

According to the Luxembourg Data Protection Authority, the platform violated the GDPR. But the decision must now have the approval of the authorities of the other 26 EU countries

(Photo: Sebastian Kahnert / Getty Images) The Luxembourg data protection authority has proposed to fine Amazon in the amount of over 425 million dollars. The accusation made against Jeff Bezos' company is of having committed several violations of the GDPR (European General Data Protection Regulation), through the collection and use of personal data of the customers of the ecommerce platform. Two months ago the company was accused of lobbying a small home automation device company to collect its customers' personal data, in violation of privacy regulations,

Before the proposal can be confirmed, it will have to pass the scrutiny of the privacy regulators of the other 26 European countries. A process that could take months and lead to substantial changes, such as a lower fine. In any case, the opinion of the Luxembourg guarantor will have a lot of weight in the decision, given that Amazon has its European headquarters in the small state. If confirmed, the $ 425 million fine will set the record as the highest ever issued so far for a violation of the GDPR.

According to the Wall Street Journal, which first reported the news, the Amazon spokesmen declined to comment on the event, reiterating how the company gives absolute priority to protecting the privacy of its customers and that all its initiatives are in compliance with the laws of all the countries in which it operates.

This proposal is just the latest in a series of actions that the European authorities are taking to limit the power of the big digital companies. In recent weeks, Google has been convicted of abusing its dominant position in France and the European Commission has opened the first formal investigation against Facebook. The Luxembourg supervisor's initiative came a month after the European Court of Justice overturned a Commission order requiring Amazon to pay back taxes to the country.

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