Also in Italy there is a lawsuit against the state for the climate crisis

Also in Italy there is a lawsuit against the state for the climate crisis

Filed with the court of Rome, the appeal was signed by 203 associations and environmental activists and challenges the government with too timid policies on the climate front

A lady walks her dog in Venice (Photo: Marco Bertorello / AFP) Italian environmental movements have sued the Italian state for failing to pass sufficiently ambitious laws to combat the climate crisis. The initiative was promoted by the Universal Judgment campaign, is coordinated by the A Sud association and involves movements such as Fridays for future and other bodies, such as the Italian Meteorological Society and Doctors for the Environment. The lawsuit comes in the wake of the one filed in Germany and that environmental movements have won, forcing the German government to change the climate laws.

The plaintiffs are 203 (24 associations, 17 minors represented by their parents and 162 of age) and presented the case to the civil court of Rome during the world day dedicated to the environment, last June 5. The campaign coordinators challenge the Italian government to have little courageous climate policies, with a target of reducing CO 2 emissions at 33% by 2030. "The subject of the lawsuit is to sue the state for climate failure", reads the website of the campaign: “Or for the insufficient commitment to promoting adequate policies to reduce climate-altering emissions, which results in the violation of numerous fundamental rights recognized by the Italian State”.

Environmental associations and activists involved in the campaign argue that Italian governments have never seriously addressed the climate crisis, despite the country being vulnerable to extreme weather events. According to the Climate risk index 2020, published by the German NGO Germanwatch, Italy ranks 22nd in the world for climate vulnerability and sixth for the number of deaths due to extreme climatic events. Furthermore, according to the World Atlas of desertification, 20% of the Italian territory is at risk of desertification and rainfall could be reduced by 20% by the end of the century.

The current government has established a ministry for Ecological transition and has earmarked 59 of the more than 200 billion euros of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr) for the environment. However, activists are not satisfied with the ecological objectives outlined and require more radical interventions.

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