Xbox Series X is back on sale from Mediaworld but is sold out in minutes

Xbox Series X is back on sale from Mediaworld but is sold out in minutes

Surprisingly, Xbox Series X is now on sale from Mediaworld, on the website of the chain you can buy the Microsoft console at a price of 499 euros with immediate availability, shipping costs excluded.

This is the link to buy Xbox Series X from Mediaworld, hurry up because stocks could run out in a few minutes. Mediaworld has also added some clauses that we invite you to read before proceeding with the purchase:

Your order is a purchase proposal Taking charge of the order does not constitute acceptance of this proposal: MediaWorld only confirms to having received the order and having submitted it to the data verification process, the availability of the products requested by the Customer and the payment according to the method you have chosen The assignment of the products will take place following the order of arrival of the purchase proposals and while stocks last The sales contract between you and MediaWorld will be concluded only when you receive a separate email containing information relating to the shipment of the product and the invoice. The products will be shipped starting from February 19 All customers who do not will be able to purchase the Xbox Series X product will receive a specific communication and, those who have already made the payment, will be or regularly reimbursed with the same methods used for payment. In addition, the company specifies the following: "in consideration of the limited availability of the product and the huge request for the same for greater protection of the final consumer, MediaWorld will limit the sale of products to a maximum of two pieces per customer (to be understood as the holder of the purchase order), any multiple orders of products, regardless of their quantity, will be limited to a maximum of 2 pieces. "

Update - The available consoles have ended and it is no longer possible to proceed with the purchase of Xbox Series X from the Mediaworld website.

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