Xbox Series S and future video games: GPU could be a problem, for 4A Games

Xbox Series S and future video games: GPU could be a problem, for 4A Games

Xbox Series S and future video games

After providing some interesting insights into the Ray Tracing potential of PS5 and Xbox Series X / S, on the CTO of 4A Games, Oleksandr Shyshkovtsov, he discussed the potential of Series S indicating in the GPU its possible "limiting factor" in development of future games.

To the microphones of WCCFtech, the Chief Technical Officer of the Ukrainian software house who announced Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition entered into the merits of the hardware specifications of the Xbox Series S and, analyzing the individual components, explained such as "the speed and amount of RAM available are not a problem for us at present, but GPU performance may present additional challenges in the development of future titles. Our current rendering system is designed for a 'high spatial and temporal resolution (read: 4K and 60fps) ".

According to what is reported by the exponent of the technical team of 4A Games, therefore, the Xbox Series S GPU could represent problems in the development of video games expressly designed for the current generation of home platforms: "The abandonment of any of these factors, between spatial or temporal resolution, would reduce the performance of the rendering system we use. currently. We have already found a solution that represents a compromise between these two needs, but I am still not fully satisfied ".

In recent days, Edmund McMillen has also intervened on the subject: for Super Meat Boy's father, Xbox Series S will age like PS5 and Xbox Series X as Microsoft's "budget next-gen console" 1080p / 1440p and 60fps target is well suited to its specs.
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