PS5 and Xbox Series X: who can dissipate heat better? The tests of a YouTuber

PS5 and Xbox Series X: who can dissipate heat better? The tests of a YouTuber

PS5 and Xbox Series X

After discussing the possible improvements to be implemented in the hypothetical PlayStation 5 PRO, the youtuber Gamers Nexus has conducted comparative tests on the engineering solutions adopted by Sony and Microsoft to dissipate the heat emitted by the hardware components of PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Specializing in the creation of technological content, the youtuber has put his experience to good use and, adopting the photographic technique known as the "Schlieren method", has recorded a video that immortalizes the direction, strength and volume of the jets of the air emitted by the fans on which the heat dissipation systems of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are based.

The results obtained by Gamers Nexus are very interesting, both for the different approach adopted by the designers of the house of Redmond and the Japanese technology giant, both for the clear design differences between Xbox Series X and PS5.

Well, based on the tests carried out by the creator of contents through Schlieren strioscopy, what emerges is the greater efficiency of Microsoft's home platform in using its large low-speed fan to "suck" the air from the slots on the base and back of the console and expel it from the side superior by distributing it evenly on all internal components.

The tests conducted by the youtuber on Sony's next gen console reflect what was discovered by the PS5 teardowns and demonstrate how the fan adopted by the Japanese company, while managing to guarantee a significant reduction of noise (compared to PS4 and PS4 PRO) and an effective reduction of the heat emitted by the console, generates a flow of air that is focused on the central part of the components and is not conveyed to the power supply.