Windows 10: bugfixes and bugs in the latest update

Windows 10: bugfixes and bugs in the latest update
Last week Microsoft kicked off the release of the optional update labeled as KB4598291 for the Windows 10 platform with the aim of fixing several bugs found in the 20H2 (October 2020 Update) or 20H1 (May 2020 Update) versions of the system operating. Unfortunately, the package seems to have brought some new problems with it.

KB4598291: problems for the latest Windows 10 update

According to the feedback collected for someone the installation process is not going well end showing an error message and immediately starting to remove temporary files to go back to the previous release. There are also those who complain of having encountered malfunctions and crashes for the DirectPlay (DirectX) library during the execution of videogame titles, including World of Warcraft.

The corrections contained in the Update KB4598291 will be included in Patch Tuesday in February coming within the next few days for Windows 10, hopefully without the new bugs that have emerged. Among these, one concerns the integration of the Alt + Tab command in the Edge browser for managing the tabs opened during browsing sessions. Others instead start some games in full screen mode, the use of the key combinations Ctrl + Caps Lock and Alt + Caps Lock, the failure to open documents on the desktop and ZIP archives. New year, old problems for Microsoft.

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