This popular Chrome extension is malware - uninstall it!

This popular Chrome extension is malware - uninstall it!
Users of the well-known "The Great Suspender" extension of Google Chrome, which allows you to suspend unused tabs in order to reduce memory usage, will have noticed that it has recently been classified as malware. The popularity of the extension, downloaded over 2,000,000 times from the Google Store, was due precisely to its usefulness, given that, as you unfortunately know, Chrome is a real memory devourer of the system, especially if you leave several tabs open at the same time. .

As happened previously with other extensions, this decisive change of course was chosen following its sale. In fact, as indicated by colleagues at Bleeping Computer, The Great Suspender was sold in June 2020 to an unknown entity, given that the creator of the work no longer had time to be able to continue the project. As well as other initially useful and free extensions that were later sold to other companies, this case too was discovered that, with the 7.1.8 update last October, The Great Suspender included scripts that track the sites visited by users and ran code retrieved from a remote server. Later, Microsoft removed the extension from the Microsoft Edge Store, restoring it later with the release of version 7.1.9, free of malicious scripts. However, given that the project is still in the hands of unknown people, there is always the fear that the situation could reoccur in the future and Google has decided to completely eliminate it from the Google Store.

In case you want to recover the last version made by the original author, therefore without any kind of malicious code, on GitHub you can download the 7.1.6 edition of The Great Suspender which, to be installed, requires the activation of the developer mode of Chrome.

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