The Division 2: Plans for the online shooter go through at least 2022

The Division 2: Plans for the online shooter go through at least 2022
Not long ago, Ubisoft announced that the Ubisoft Massive team was working on a new game in the Star Wars universe. Shortly after this message, many fans asked themselves what this means for the development studio's other project - the online shooter The Division 2. The good news for the community: The publisher is still sticking to the game - for a long time . This emerges from a statement by Yves Guillemot, the managing director of Ubisoft. Speaking at an investor conference where the new record numbers were released, he said:

"The Massive studio is a big studio, and they also work with a lot of studios around the world ... you are becoming more of The Division this year and next. "

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Accordingly, Ubisoft is apparently planning to launch the online shooter The Division 2 (buy now € 11.99) over the year To equip them with new features and content beyond 2021. Unfortunately, Yves Guillemot was unable to elicit any more precise details in this regard at the investor conference, so there is room for speculation. It is quite conceivable that after "Warlords of New York" another big expansion for the online shooter will appear. Smaller content updates with new specializations, missions and other extras should also be on the program for the developers. As soon as there is tangible information in this regard, you will of course find it in our news section.


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Source: Ubisoft