Tado ° wireless thermostat: 28% discount on Amazon

Tado ° wireless thermostat: 28% discount on Amazon

Tado ° wireless thermostat

To efficiently manage a heating system, you can use the tado ° wireless thermostat currently available on Amazon with a discount of 28%. The V3 + basic kit also includes the radio receiver and the bridge for connecting to the Internet via a router. The smart thermostat also supports digital assistants from Amazon, Apple and Google.

tado ° wireless thermostat: 55 euro discount

tado ° smart thermostat detects temperature and rate of humidity of the environment, in order to optimize consumption. The white polycarbonate and ABS plastic device has a 10 × 19 LED matrix, two touch buttons and a physical button. The frequency of 868 MHz (6LoWPAN) is used for the wireless connection with the receiver and bridge.

Users can program the desired temperatures for day and night, specifying the time slots in the app. The thermostat also takes into account the weather forecast and provides advice on air quality. By taking advantage of geolocation, it is possible to reduce the temperature when no one is at home and activate the heating before returning. The thermostat also detects open windows, prompting you to turn off the heating.

The thermostat also supports Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Google Assistant, so you can perform various operations via voice commands (e.g. example, “Alexa, set the temperature to 22 degrees“). Compatibility is guaranteed with most heating systems.

The basic kit V3 + can be purchased on Amazon at a price of 139.90 euros, instead of 194.99 euros (28% discount).

Source: Amazon