SEGA is "happy with the results obtained with the Game Pass and we hope Microsoft too"

SEGA is happy with the results obtained with the Game Pass and we hope Microsoft too

Microsoft has been rumored to be very interested in buying SEGA for several weeks now. Rumors never confirmed anywhere, but it is undeniable how the relations between the two companies seem more friendly and steady every day. This impression is confirmed by a recent interview by Anna Downing, senior vice president of commercial publishing at SEGA of Europe. Downing, in fact, said that her company is "very happy with the results obtained with the Xbox Game Pass and we hope that Microsoft is too".

SEGA's SVP was certainly referring to the results achieved by the Yakuza series, but also how Xbox Game Pass has managed to help games like Two Point Hospital achieve their goals.

"We are very happy with the results and we hope Microsoft is too. Lately they want quality games and we want to take advantage of this great opportunity, "Anna Downing told Eurogamer colleagues.

Downing specifically talked about Two Point Hospital. The arrival on Xbox Game Pass "has helped the franchise reach 3 million players worldwide. One of the great benefits we have from being on Game Pass is the exposure it gives you to first-party users. . This increased exposure helps the game have more space on the market as well. For us it's a great thing and it's great that consumers who can experience games they usually wouldn't try if they weren't offered within Game Pass. "

Does this mean that in the future SEGA will produce games designed specifically for a subscription system? "It could be," said Anna Downing. "It all depends on how the offer evolves in the next few years, what the players ask for and what their expectations are."

SEGA and Microsoft continue their partnership. Source