Resident Evil Revelations 3: Successor should I be in development

Resident Evil Revelations 3: Successor should I be in development

Resident Evil Revelations 3

According to current rumors, the Capcom team is already in the middle of the development of Resident Evil: Revelations 3. The information comes from the insider "Dusk Golem" via Twitter, who also has the first supposed details about the title of the spin-off. Accordingly, "Resident Evil Outrage" should be the official name of the game. The release should also supposedly not be too far away.

The release of Resident Evil Outbreak is supposed to take place within a year after the release of Resident Evil Village. It was only in January that the makers dated the date for part 8 of the main series on May 7, 2021. According to the insider, fans can expect "Revelations 3" by the end of the year or beginning of 2022. The unveiling of the project will also take place in the coming months - but probably only after the release of Resident Evil Village. In addition, the game will initially appear exclusively for one platform. It should probably be the Nintendo Switch.

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Source: Twitter

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