Red Dead Online: New bonuses for Naturalists and Bounty Hunters

Red Dead Online: New bonuses for Naturalists and Bounty Hunters

Red Dead Online

Rockstar has announced the arrival of three new missions for Red Dead Online but it is not enough because the company has also confirmed that the bonuses for Naturalists and Bounty Hunters are back this week.

Bonuses Naturalists and Hunters of Bounties

Naturalists exploring the land in search of rare animals can expect a high frequency of event invitations that provide double RDO $ and XP Role. By completing a legendary animal sighting mission for Harriet, you will receive an offer for 40% off an item for Established or Experienced Naturalists. Naturalists of rank 10 or higher will receive an offer for 40% off any repeating weapon.

A New Employment Source

Complete A Stolen Horse to receive a -30% offer on an Arabian horse and 2 Special Horse Revitalizers Complete Steal from the Rich to receive 3 Lost Jewels and 3 Collectible Family Heirlooms Complete Escort Service to receive 20 Small Game Arrows and 100 Express Revolver Cartridges

Prime Gaming Bonuses

By linking your Rockstar Social Club and Prime Gaming accounts, you will receive various bonuses including a free bounty hunter license and an amethyst paint finish for the bounty hunter tank. Log in with Prime Gaming by March 15th and you will receive a reward of 200 Single Shotgun Bullets, 5,000 XP and a 50% off on the Repeating Shotgun.

'Red Dead Online' Update Adds New Source of Employment Telegrams for Solo Players

a man wearing a costume: © Rockstar Games 'Read Dead Online' just got its weekly update. The patch adds Telegram missions for solo players. 'Red Dead Online' is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Red Dead Online's weekly in-game update has just gone live, and it offers a great new feature for those who prefer exploring Rockstar's multiplayer cowboy offering all by themselves. Telegrams are new short-term missions that can be completed for small amounts of Gold and money in between squad-based antics with your posse.

Telegrams can be picked up from inside your virtual camp or at the various Post Offices scattered across the map. When you log in, you'll notice that the Post Offices in particular have a unique glow to let you know there's something important to be found there. There are currently three Telegram missions listed under the New Source of Employment subhead:

  • A One Horse Deal: Go to the waypoint marker on your map to intercept a trade for a White Arabian horse. Commandeer the horse and take it back to your handler while avoiding the guards on your trail.
  • Rich Pickings: Break into a guarded mansion to steal some jewelry.
  • Outrider: Protect a wagon full of precious cargo at all costs.
  • Like many missions in Red Dead Online, these offer varied payouts based on the difficulty one selects and potentially the time it takes to complete the job. By most counts, the missions offer about $11 and 0.8 Gold per standard completion. While quick to complete, they also operate on a 23-minute cooldown that prevents individual players from grinding too intensely to get the rewards.

    In many ways, Telegrams are essentially a rebranding of Stranger Missions that are picked up at a different location. The tasks themselves call back to the same basic objectives used for side activities throughout Arthur Morgan's campaign. With that in mind, these Telegrams aren't going to drastically alter the Red Dead Online or Red Dead Redemption 2 experience as players know it, but any method that might increase one's income is appreciated nonetheless.

    As far as gameplay-focused features are concerned, today's update is perhaps the biggest update to Red Dead Online since the Bounty Hunter occupation debuted in the beginning of December. Especially now that the game is offered as a standalone experience outside of the traditional campaign, Telegrams are an interesting way to keep different types of players interested in the game. They obviously don't offer enough to be a sole source of income for anyone, but they may act as a fun way to kill an hour or two during times when your friends aren't around.

    This update arrives as part of the larger Weekly Update that includes an assortment of discounts for players to check out. Perhaps most noteworthy of all is the fact that the Naturalist occupation is on sale for 15 Bars and the Missouri Fox Trotter Mustang horse is being offered at a reduced price as well. If you're looking for more missions to reduce the grind, now's the perfect time to return to Red Dead Online.

    Red Dead Redemption 2 is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

    What are your thoughts on Telegrams coming to Red Dead Online? Have you completed all of the New Source of Employment missions? Tell us in the comments section!

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