PS5: Yodobashi Camera takes action after being stormed by customers

PS5: Yodobashi Camera takes action after being stormed by customers
As we told you a few days ago, the Japanese store Yodobashi Camera received a new batch of PlayStation 5, which is why many customers eager to get their hands on the rare Sony console flocked wildly to the retailer sending the situation.

To stop the angry crowd trying to grab their PS5, which apparently also included several scalpers and resellers, police intervention was necessary, which made the situation return to normality and that the sale of the console would be temporarily suspended.

The Akihabara shop has now taken some serious steps to return to making the next-gen console available, preventing similar events from happening again. As reported by Famitsu, in order to purchase PS5 customers will need to be in possession not only of a Visa credit card but will also have to use the gold points accumulated through purchases at Yadobashi Camera, which will allow them to keep track of purchases made at the shop. Those who have already completed the previous purchase of a PS5 or multiple Nintendo Switches in the past, will not be able to make their "candidacy", and the same will apply to those who try to use cards in the name of others or for those who have " caused damage to other customers ". All these steps will lead, according to the Japanese shop, to an orderly and civil distribution of the consoles and will be useful in preventing any cunning attempts by scalpers.

In Japan there are several retailers who have decided to distribute PlayStation 5 using the lottery method: a strategy which has generally proved to be very effective and which has prevented similar events from occurring with particular frequency.

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