PS5 DualSense: law firm thinks of a class action for drifting problems

PS5 DualSense: law firm thinks of a class action for drifting problems
Recently reports of PS5's DualSense drifting problems have made a comeback and for this reason the American law firm Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith LLP is considering filing a class action against Sony.

A spokesperson for the studio says it is working to "evaluate if there are the extremes for a class action by examining the reports on Sony's DualSense drifting problems. Some PS5 controllers do not respond correctly to movements causing many problems in the game. recorded movements even in case of analogue levers in neutral position. "

The same studio has already started a class action against Nintendo for the Joy-Con Drifting problem, the latter partially admitted by the Kyoto company, with the Japanese company that has started a program to replace and / or repair Joy-Con affected by the problem in some countries, while in other cases it seems that customers have been forced to pay the repair up to $ 40 for each controller.

In the case of PlayStation 5 the situation is more delicate because Sony has never officially exposed itself and at present the sample is too low to talk about a real case of drifting for the DualSense, the reports are growing but in any case we are talking about infinitely smaller numbers than the complaints received for the Switch controllers.

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