Pokemon Sword and Shield: code for Chromatic Toxtricity free from GameStopZing

Pokemon Sword and Shield: code for Chromatic Toxtricity free from GameStopZing

Pokemon Sword and Shield

On the occasion of the launch of the Pokemon Shining Destiny trading card game, The Pokemon Company and GameStopZing kick off a new Pokemon distribution: from today until March 19 it is possible to obtain a code to unlock Chromatic Toxtricity in Pokemon Sword and Shield, without any obligation to purchase.

All you have to do is enter a valid and working email address in the form on the GameStopZing website, within seven days you will receive the code by email.

Code for Chromatic Toxtricity

Fill in the form by entering the same email address used to register the GameStopZing account Within 7 days you will receive the code at the address indicated Start Pokemon Sword / Shield and use the code received to obtain Toxtricity Chromatic GameStopZing remember that "To join the initiative it is necessary to be enrolled in the GSZ + program and have given marketing consent. Only then we can contact you. The email address of your GSZ + account must be the same that you are going to enter in the space above otherwise we will not be able to contact you. "

After completing the form in every part you must tick the box relating to the treatment of personal data and send the request, after that keep an eye on your inbox, the code for free download Toxtricity Chromatic on Pokemon Sword and Shield for</a> Nintendo Switch will be sent to you within a week of the request.

Pokemon Sword and Shield's Shiny Toxtricity Event Starts Today at GameStop

Pokemon Sword and Shield fans can grab a Shiny Toxtricity at participating game stores starting today. The Pokemon Company and select retail partners are distributing a Shiny Toxtricity to celebrate the release of the new 'Shining Fates' expansion for The Pokemon Trading Card Game. ComicBook.com first reported on the giveaway earlier this month, but GameStop and other retailers only confirmed the giveaway this week. Fans in the United States can use the Pokemon Pass app while at their local GameStop store (either curbside or in-store) to obtain this free Pokemon via the Pokemon Pass mobile app. Basically, players will use their Pokemon Pass app to receive their Shiny Toxtricity code and then use that code in Pokemon Sword and Shield's Mystery Gift function to obtain the alternate-colored Pokemon. Toxtricity will be available from participating retailers through March 19th.

The Toxtricity is Level 50 and knows the moves Overdrive, Sludge Wave, Boomburst, and Rising Voltage. The Toxtricity also comes carrying a Throat Spray. Players in Canada can get the Toxtricity through EB Games, while players in several European countries can apply for a code on various game retailers' websites.

The 'Shining Fates' expansion is one of the most highly sought-after Pokemon TCG expansions in quite some time, in part because it features over 120 Shiny Pokemon. Due to production line issues related to COVID-19, there are some major shortages of available cards and we can all but guarantee that Shining Fates products will be hot products on the secondary market until supplies are re-stocked. It doesn't help that individual 'Shining Fates' booster packs aren't available for purchase. Instead, players have to buy one of several special collections or boxes to get the booster pack cards.

The Pokemon giveaway comes at a good time for Pokemon fans, who are preparing for the franchise's 25th anniversary celebration. Announcements are expected next week, including the potential reveal of additional main series games, with the most likely candidates being remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. We may also get some new details about some other spinoff games, such as the upcoming Pokemon UNITE MOBA game, Detective Pikachu 2, or even the mysterious Pokemon Sleep.