Oculus Quest 2: record sales at the end of 2020, it's a success

Oculus Quest 2: record sales at the end of 2020, it's a success
VR headsets tend to cost a lot and therefore remain a niche product for a few enthusiasts. However, when the Oculus Quest 2 arrived on the market in late 2020, the public had access to a quality device, which does not require a powerful supporting computer and which is offered at a more reasonable price. Was it "enough" to convince the players? Apparently yes: sales are record-breaking, as reported by SuperData.

A recent report reveals that Oculus Quest 2 would have sold 1.4 million units in Q4 2020. In other words, excluding the VR devices dedicated to smartphones, this is the headset that sold the most of all in that period. According to long-term predictions, Oculus Quest 2 will generate 87% of total VR headset sales over the course of 2021: clearly these would be incredible numbers.

Let's see who was immediately behind Oculus Quest 2. Without too much surprise, we find PlayStation VR. In reality, however, the difference in sales is significant as the Sony headset only placed 125,000 units in Q4 2020. In third position we find Valve Index with 61,000 units while in fourth position there is Oculus Rift / Rift S with only 55,000 units.

VR is certainly not the main gaming market, but it is growing. It will probably be helped by the arrival of new games based on famous brands, such as Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell. Finally, we would like to point out that "Login with Facebook will not be removed", word of John Carmac.