Morbid Metal is a promising sci-fi action game developed by one person

Morbid Metal is a promising sci-fi action game developed by one person
Although Felix Schade has been updating his followers on the state of Morbid Metal development for several years, the game has only come to the attention of a wider audience in these days. What is it about?

Morbid Metal is an interesting third-person sci-fi action with roguelite elements developed in Unity by a single person, a detail that few would imagine seeing it in action. The title, given the small workforce, is still in the early stages of development, but what little we have seen was enough to make us stand up.

The author has shared very little information on the narrative of the project, but the gameplay clips shared to date seem to show a post-apocalyptic world in which traditional elements coexist, engulfed by tireless nature and advanced technology. Much more defined is the high-intensity combat system that boasts the mechanics of shapeshifting, or the ability to change the shape of the character as needed - hence the title "soft metal". In the showreel that you can see at the beginning it is possible to see only one transformation, but the creator has promised at least four.

Morbid Metal does not yet have a release date or target platforms, and we will probably have to wait long before I discover certain information. One thing is certain: we will follow it carefully.

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