Minecraft Dungeons surpasses 10 million players: 2 gifts and new DLC coming soon

Minecraft Dungeons surpasses 10 million players: 2 gifts and new DLC coming soon
Mojang announced that Minecraft Dungeons has surpassed 10 million players, who have been playing for over 6660 years. An impressive number of hours: for this reason he decided to give all players a pet and a cape. The gifts will arrive concurrently with the launch of the DLC on February 24, 2021.

"The Dungeons community has surpassed 10 million players and has spent a whopping 6660 years battling minions and the Arch-Illager! "wrote the study on Twitter. "Since we are unable to create such a big cake, we will celebrate your support on February 24 with a free per and cape."

Flames of the Nether, the new DLC of the game. Flames of the Nether will add six new missions, new artifacts, armor, weapons and two new skins. The DLC will be set in a parallel dimension, obviously fraught with danger.

A new game update will also arrive on the same day that will introduce a free game mode: Ancient Hunts. Inside we will be able to find a series of missions designed for those who have already completed in all respects the game. These missions are built in a procedural way, so they will always be different, with environments that include different game environments, even the Nether.

Those who manage to complete them all and defeat the Ancient Mob will obtain equipment and weapons of very high level thanks to which they can face increasingly demanding challenges.

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