Microsoft Teams welcomes Live Reactions

Microsoft Teams welcomes Live Reactions
An addition that certainly does not shift the overall judgment on the quality of the service, but which contributes to making it more complete and in line with what is requested by user feedback: Live Reactions make their official debut in Microsoft Teams by making it available to those who participate in video calls and meetings one more way to interact without interrupting who is speaking or conducting a presentation.

Live Reactions available on Microsoft Teams

To understand how they work just take a look at GIF below: a click on the desktop or a tap on mobile is enough to send an appreciation or a dissent signal in the form of an animated emoji. This is how Troy Batterberry (VP of Microsoft Teams Meetings and Calling Program Management) describes the novelty.

Over the years, many studies have confirmed that 70-90% of human communication is non-verbal. By meeting in person, everyone in the environment can perceive the energy from non-verbal reactions such as smiles, applause and so on. Starting today, we provide those attending meetings with a digital way to express their emotions, of any kind, with Live Reactions.

To send one, simply select the dedicated icon . The rollout immediately affects both Teams desktop clients and the service's mobile applications. It will arrive instead within the next months for the version accessible from the browser.

Another novelty at the debut later (and which will have a much greater impact) is that which will concern an optimization of the code making it less demanding in terms of CPU and RAM. The prayers of those who work from a computer or from a not too recent device have been heard.

Source: OnMSFT