Microsoft supports Australian media law

Microsoft supports Australian media law
Between two parties, the third gains. This phrase could be used to describe the story that sees Google, the Australian government and Microsoft as protagonists. The Mountain View company has threatened to stop the search engine if a law is passed that requires publishers to be paid for each news (link or excerpt). The Redmond company has instead expressed its full support for the code of conduct currently under discussion.

Microsoft supports the News Media Bargaining Code

Brad Smith, President of Microsoft, has confirmed the indiscretion of a few days ago, that is to have met the Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Minister of Communications Paul Fletcher, together with the CEO Satya Nadella. The theme of the meeting was the current imbalance between the bargaining power of digital platforms and that of Australian publishers.

Microsoft believes the News Media Bargaining Code to be correct, as it represents an attempt to find the right balance between digital platforms and publishers' interests. Google says it cannot change search engine algorithms and proposes payment for content through the News Showcase initiative. The Redmond company will not be subject to the law (if approved), but is committed to abiding by the new rules.

Microsoft therefore promises the free transfer of advertising campaigns from Google to Bing and investments that will make the search engine "comparable" with the competitor. The Redmond company will never leave Australia, as Google has threatened. It is not known at the moment the opinion of the editors and if the proposal will be accepted. Google's market share in Australia is 94.4%, while that of Bing is 3.6%, according to StatCounter.

Source: Microsoft