Measure your blood pressure with a patch

Measure your blood pressure with a patch

Engineers from the University of California (San Diego) have developed a smart patch that allows continuous measurements of blood pressure and heart rate. A series of sensors also allow the detection of glucose, lactate, alcohol and caffeine levels. It is the first wearable device that can monitor cardiovascular signals and biochemical levels in the human body at the same time.

Smart blood pressure patch

The smart patch could be useful for continuous monitoring of blood pressure. a patient's health and for remote monitoring in the event that outpatient checks are limited (such as in this period of health crisis). The device would therefore represent a valid alternative to those present in intensive care units, where various instruments are used to detect vital parameters.

The patch can be considered an electronic skin or a tattoo digital, as it is formed by a thin layer of elastic polymer that adheres to the skin of the neck. There is a sensor that measures blood pressure, a sensor that measures the levels of lactate, alcohol and caffeine in sweat, and a sensor that measures the glucose level in the interstitial fluid.

The engineers carried out various tests to find the best layout and the most suitable materials that eliminate interference between the sensor signals, so as to obtain reliable measurements. The next step will be to monitor other biomarkers, reduce the size and obtain a wireless patch (at the moment, an external power supply and connection to a benchtop machine are required to view the readings).

Source: UC San Diego