Horizon Zero Dawn: Hotfix for update 1.10 of the PC version fixes graphics problems

Horizon Zero Dawn: Hotfix for update 1.10 of the PC version fixes graphics problems
Just last month, Guerrilla Games released the extensive update 1.10 for the PC version of the action adventure Horizon: Zero Dawn. This brought a large number of new features, optimizations and bug fixes, but caused technical problems for some fans. The development team recently stated that further patches for the PC version are currently not a particularly high priority. Nevertheless, a new hotfix is ​​now available.

This is of particular interest to those gamers who have a graphics card with AMD while playing Horizon: Zero Dawn (buy now 19.90 € / 44.99 €) Use the chip - especially with the 6000 GPU. This causes some problems in connection with the display of in-game vegetation. Here is the wording of the developers:

"Today we have released a hotfix that fixes other vegetation problems. This time it concerns those that are specifically related to the AMD 6000 GPU range. We will continue to look at other vegetation problems that occurred with patch 1.10. So thank you for your reports. "

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Source: Guerrilla Games