Hollow Knight gets a new patch on PC after three years

Hollow Knight gets a new patch on PC after three years

Team Cherry has released a new patch for the PC version of Hollow Knight, the first in nearly three years. The update is currently in beta, with the developers monitoring the situation to ensure that the improvements made are working correctly.

The update was made with the aim of perfecting the Unity version of the game, but the authors took the opportunity to fix some minor bugs that plagued the work. In the official Hollow Knight patch note the following improvements are reported:

"Borderless" option added when playing in full screen Papa Larva uncollected rewards bug fixed Vibration function enabled when playing with a controller Fixed bugs related to battles with the Tyrant of Souls in the Pantheon and in the second phase of the fight with the Absolute Splendor 64-Bit is now required to play on Windows Vulkan is now the default API when playing on Linux Fixed additional minor bugs At the moment Team Cherry has not yet expressed itself on when the patch will become final, asking users to report any type of error once the beta of the new update has started.

In the meantime, the Australian team continues work on Hollow Knight Silksong . The second episode, scheduled for PC and Nintendo Switch, and still lacks an official release date, but in the preview of Hollow Knight Silksong you can discover all the information known so far to pass the wait.

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