Guilty Gear Strive: Extended Open Beta, I-No hard rock fighter introduced

Guilty Gear Strive: Extended Open Beta, I-No hard rock fighter introduced

Guilty Gear Strive

On the occasion of the second Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable, Arc System Works has brought good news to all fans of Guilty Gear Strive, the new fighting game of the house destined to see the light in less than two months.

So much for Beginning, the Japanese developer announced that the Guilty Gear Strive Open Beta, currently running on PlayStation 4 and PS5, has been extended. The deadline, initially scheduled for 3:59 pm today 21 February, has been moved to 3:59 pm on Tuesday 23 February. The extension was considered and finally approved after a series of server issues appeared that prevented many players from connecting. However, keep in mind that the Open Beta client can be downloaded until 3:59 pm today, so download it now from PlayStation Store if you haven't already done so:

Guilty Gear Strlve - Open Beta PS4 Guilty Gear Strive - Open Beta PS5 Arc System Works also took the opportunity to present the fifteenth and final fighter of Guilty Gear Strive. She is a she, her name is I-No and she is described as a "hard rock witch" who fights holding an electric guitar and has no qualms about using her charm to ensnare men. You can admire her moveset in the presentation trailer attached at the beginning of the news. Guilty Gear Strive will launch on April 9 on PlayStation 4, PS5 and PC.

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