Fortnite: how to get 90 V-Buck for free on February 2, 2021 in Montespago

Fortnite: how to get 90 V-Buck for free on February 2, 2021 in Montespago
Waiting for the 15.30 update of Fortnite Chapter 2 to arrive following the maintenance this morning and allows us to discover all the skins coming out in the store, here are some tips to accumulate at least 90 V-Buck in Save the World thanks to the missions of today, Tuesday, February 2, 2021.

Before offering you the complete list of missions active until one o'clock in Italy this night, we suggest, as always, to complete the Daily Task, whose rewards can be vary from a minimum of 50 to a maximum of 100 V-Buck.

Here are the alerts of the day:

Twine Peaks

Face a Category 3 storm, Neighborhood Industrial (Recommended Home Base Level 94) - 40 V-Buck, Project Experience Points, Survivor Experience Points x74,250, Corlucente ore, 118 Event Tickets and Seasonal Gold The mission of the day is a little more complex than those mentioned we have spoken to you in the last days and, to bring it At the end, you need to have high level heroes and weapons (4 or 5 star if possible). To still access the missions even if you have not unlocked access to Twine Peaks, the last area among those currently available in Fortnite's PvE mode, we suggest you ask some friends for help and join him in a private lobby. To create a private party, simply open the drop-down menu at the top right of the main Save the World screen, select the Privacy item and set it to "Friends Only". By doing so you will bypass the limitations imposed by the game and you will be able to complete the mission by receiving all the timed rewards.

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