Fortnite: how to get 75 V-Buck for free on February 6, 2021 in Pietralegno

Fortnite: how to get 75 V-Buck for free on February 6, 2021 in Pietralegno
Waiting to find out what will be the next great collaboration of Fortnite Battaglia Reale thanks to which we will be able to buy new costumes in the objects shop, here are some tips on how to accumulate at least 75 V-Buck in Save the World only for today, Saturday 6 February 2021.

Before offering you the complete list of active missions until one Italian tonight, we suggest as always to complete the Daily Task, whose rewards can vary from a minimum of 50 to a maximum of 100 V-Buck.

Here are the alerts of the day:


Face a Category 1 storm, City (Recommended Home Base Level 5) - 25 V-Buck, Hero Experience Points, Project Experience Points, Survivor Experience Points x440, Re-Advantage, 50 Event Tickets and Seasonal Gold Today's mission cannot in any way represent an obstacle for any Fortnite player Save the World, since it is ambi entered in Pietralegno, the first of the four game areas that also serves as a tutorial for those taking their first steps in this mode. This means that even users who have just purchased this component of the Epic Games title can try their hand at this specific activity without worrying about the power of their weapons, their characters or any level limitations. Unlike the past few days, you can also start the game and look for other users to collaborate with through matchmaking and without the need to create private lobbies.

Did you know that on our pages you can find all the details about the position of the XP Tokens of Week 10 of Season 5 of Fortnite Chapter 2? We also remind you that the denial has recently arrived about the possible arrival of Five Nights at Freedy's skins in Fortnite.