Final Fantasy 16, Yoshida speaks: action, accessibility and storytelling are the priorities

Final Fantasy 16, Yoshida speaks: action, accessibility and storytelling are the priorities

Final Fantasy 16, Yoshida speaks

Since the rumored reveal, the new chapter of the Square Enix series has gained great interest from the audience of fans of the genre.

To intrigue the public, in addition to the dark medieval fantasy atmosphere hinted at by the first trailer of Final Fantasy XVI, we find the presence at the helm of the project of Naoki Yoshida. Having done an excellent job of offering ongoing support to Final Fantasy XIV, the talented game author is ready to try his hand at the exclusive PlayStation 5. After presenting an extensive review of information and details on the setting and protagonists of Final Fantasy XVI, the developer offered some insights in a recent podcast.

Speaking on the broadcast, Yoshida did not share crucial elements, but he did confirmed the aspects on which the Square Enix team is concentrating its energies at the moment. On the one hand, the focus on the action element was mentioned, an aspect on which the presence of Ryota Suzuki in the role of Battle Director had already left players to speculate. The latter has in fact a past as a Battle Designer for Devil May Cry IV and Devil May Cry V, for which he mainly took care of Nero's fighting style. Yoshida also highlighted the desire to work also on the accessibility front, so to make Final Fantasy XVI an approachable product even by those who do not have great experience with action games. Finally, inevitable for a chapter of the saga, the narrative aspect obviously remains central, with the team hardly committed to proposing a quality plot.

For more detailed information, however, it will be necessary to wait: Yoshida has recently declared that he does not want to stir up speculation about Final Fantasy XVI.

Final Fantasy 16 Producer Says They Don’t Want To Raise Expectations By Talking About The Game Prematurely

Yoshida says they fear saying something half-baked.

Final Fantasy 16

Last year saw the announcement of Final Fantasy 16, the next mainline entry from Square Enix’s legendary RPG series. It was a different looking type of game than we’re used to from the series, but it’s topping the most anticipated charts all the same. Overall, Square and those involved have been pretty quiet since that unveiling, and there’s a good reason for that.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Producer Naoki Yoshida spoke briefly about the relative silence on the game. He said that they didn’t want to say anything “half-baked” about the game at this point, because Square didn’t want to set some kind of expectation too early for fans. They prefer to reveal things in a manner that allows them to give the best idea of what the game will be.

“Each person will probably have their own sort of idea or image of what the next Final Fantasy should be,” he said. “Saying something half baked is definitely very high risk. If something gets spoken about, someone will pick it up on social and it starts to spread around and people will form expectations. So with ‘Final Fantasy 16,’ whenever we do reveal more information on it, we hope to show what kind of game it’s going to bring, and what kind of excitement we can bring.”

We do know that announcements for the game are planned for this year, but sounds like they are keeping it close to the vest for the time being. Final Fantasy 16 is set to come to PS5 at some point.