Final Fantasy 14: PS5 version announced, date for Open Beta

Final Fantasy 14: PS5 version announced, date for Open Beta
There has been talk of the online role-playing game Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn for the PS5 for some time. But only now Square Enix has made it official and presented the NextGen version to the public, thus providing clarity.

Accordingly, the PS5 version should have the same content as other versions, but have some technical features to offer. Among other things, the developers promise a 4K resolution, which not only makes the general game look prettier, but also the individual menus. Above all, this should have a positive effect on the overview. In addition, there is talk of a higher frame rate compared to the PS4 version, without any specific information being known in this regard. Furthermore, Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn (buy now) benefits from the fast SSD hard drive of the PlayStation 5, which is particularly noticeable in the significantly reduced loading times.

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The date for the open beta of the PS5 version has already been fixed: According to current plans, the open beta is to begin on April 13, 2021 - in a little more than two months. There is currently no specific date for the final release. However, Square Enix has announced that a free trial phase will also be available on the PlayStation 5 in order to be able to sniff the game without obligation. To get you in the mood you will find a trailer below this message that shows you gameplay scenes from the PS5 port of Final Fantasy 14.

Source. Square Enix