Final Fantasy 14 arrives on PS5: free upgrade and Open Beta in April

Final Fantasy 14 arrives on PS5: free upgrade and Open Beta in April
The announcement of Endwalker, the new expansion of Final Fantasy 14 Online, which took place during the first Final Fantasy XIV Announcement Showcase "ever, was also accompanied by another welcome news: the MMORPG will receive a specific version for PS5 , which will be free for all owners of the game on PlayStation 4.

The Endwalker expansion will be released in the fall, but the launch of Final Fantasy 14 on PS5 will take place much earlier and will be anticipated by an Open Beta that will start on April 13, included in update 5.5. Players will then be able to test all the technical improvements prepared by Square Enix and made possible by the additional power of the next-generation console from Sony, including the reduction of loading times and two distinct graphics modes: "Quality", which will offer a native 4K resolution with the framerate locked at 30 fps; "Performance", which favors the framerate by lowering the native resolution to 1440p.

The final publication of the update should take place shortly after the end of the Open Beta. Players with a license for Final Fantasy XIV Online will be able to download the update for PlayStation 5 immediately at the start of the Open Beta period. Everyone else will be able to try the game on PS5 thanks to the Free Trial. Find a taste of the improvements in the trailer attached at the top of this news.

Endwalker, we said, will instead be launched in the fall of 2021 on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and PS5 as part of the update 6.0. In accompanying us towards the climax of the narrative arc that began in A Realm Reborn, he will raise the level cap from 80 to 90, will provide new Jobs including the healer Sage, new powerful enemies including Anima, unpublished areas such as Garlemald, Thavnair and the city of Radz-at-Han, the Raid Pandæmonium and much more.

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