DOOM Eternal on Switch: that's why the footage runs at 20fps

DOOM Eternal on Switch: that's why the footage runs at 20fps

DOOM Eternal on Switch

The Nintendo Switch version of DOOM Eternal has a castrated technical sector compared to the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Google Stadia counterparts and among the features of this edition of the shooter we also find the intermission footage at 20 frames per second.

In a recent interview, the lead engineer of Panic Button, Travis Archer, revealed the reasons behind this particular choice of the team that took care of the port for the Nintendo hybrid console:

"As happens in many games, the movies are very expensive in terms of resources due to the presence of many dynamic lights, shadows and complex geometries, so we decided to make this choice in order not to lose graphics quality in these moments. It is a compromise. We wanted that the movies looked good and with a higher resolution and we thought that the fps reduction would have no impact on the gameplay, since these are times when you are not already goose."

"If we think about the final result, I think there is still room for improvement on the cutscenes and we intend to make improvements to their performance. The decision was made based on the quality of those scenes. "

In short, the development team preferred to sacrifice the fluidity of the videos to make sure that Switch users could enjoy the best of the graphics quality of DOOM Eternal during the cutscenes.

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